Common Causes Of Heel Pain

You should never treat pain in your feet lightly. Your heels should not be painful. If you have heel pain, in Meredith and Concord, NH, something is wrong. Dr. Jeffery Davis, Dr. Thomas Detwiller, and Dr. William McCann of Affiliates in Podiatry can help with the diagnosis and treatments you may need.

Plantar Fasciitis

For most people who suffer from heel pain, the cause is plantar fasciitis. Along the bottom of the foot is the fibrous band called the plantar fascia. When it becomes irritated, it causes pain. The pain is usually located at the front of the heel toward the center of the foot and is worse after exercise and first thing in the morning. Having flat feet or high arches can both lead to the band being vulnerable to becoming inflamed. 

Things that can cause plantar fasciitis include standing for long periods on hard floors, obesity, age (being over 40), starting up a new exercise routine or increasing your activity level, and repetitive use of the foot. Orthotics may help with the pain, stretching exercises, NSAIDs, and resting your foot and icing it.  

Heel Spur

A heel spur may accompany plantar fasciitis but is not a cause, it is more of a result of the condition. In more than half of the people with a bone spur there is no pain. But if it is painful, it feels like plantar fasciitis. If the pain doesn't respond, extra tests may be performed and a steroid injection is an option. 

Achilles tendonitis

The Achilles tendon attaches to the calf and the heel. It can become torn and in severe cases ruptured. If you don't have a severe case, it can usually resolve itself at home with rest. If the pain doesn't go away, your podiatrist can recommend an x-ray or an MRI to determine exactly what is going on. Custom orthotics can help, and you may get a recommendation to get physical therapy. For heel pain relief in Meredith and Concord, NH, you may also get a steroid injection to bring down any inflammation. 

Other causes of heel pain include a stress fracture, a cyst, or arthritis. 

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