Treating Foot and Ankle Injuries

No matter your age, everyone is prone to dealing with a foot or ankle injury at some point in their lives. Whether you have a child who is active in sports, or you spend a lot of time on your feet each day, foot and ankle injuries happen. There are ways that your podiatrist can help treat all of your foot and ankle injuries and it’s important to understand what your options might be and what the first steps that you should take are.

Treating Foot and Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries can happen to anyone, and you should be aware of what to do when you or a loved one is suffering from an injury. It can be helpful to understand what your first steps should be before you see your podiatrist. If you notice that your ankle or foot is swelling, you can ice and elevate the injured leg. This can help reduce your swelling as well as help relieve some of your pain. No matter what your injury is, you should always be sure to rest and try to put as little weight as possible on that injured foot.

Depending on what your injury is, your podiatrist will create a treatment plan that best meets your needs. If you’re dealing with a fracture, you may need a cast or boot on that foot to protect it from any further damage or complications. Many injuries can be treated with different stretching and strengthening exercises. This allows the muscles around the injury to improve and provides your foot with the support it needs to properly heal.

In severe conditions, surgery may be needed to treat an injury.

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Injuries can happen at any age and it’s important to know how they can be treated. Contact your podiatrist today to learn more about treating different foot and ankle injuries.

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