Dr William N Mccann

Podiatrist in Concord and Meredith, NH

Dr. William N. McCann

Podiatrist in Concord and Meredith, NH

Affiliates in Podiatry, PC

Undergraduate Education

Post Graduate Education

  • Riverside Hospital podiatric surgical residency program - Toledo, OH


Professional Affiliations


  • Concord Hospital - Concord, NH
  • New London Hospital - New London, NH
  • Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital - Concord, NH

Community Services

  • Founder and Chairman, Americas Walk for Diabetes, American Diabetes Association, Concord, NH
  • New Hampshire Diabetes Advisory Group, Department of Health and Human Services, State of New Hampshire
  • Outstanding Community Service in Recruiting Volunteers, New England Region, American Diabetes Association
  • National Lecturer on Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
  • Numerous public forums on footcare


  • Spanish

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